When a river gets into the ocean, it loses its name. This has been the tendency of our political leaders, before and after elections, where they promise us little heaven but instead deliver hell on us. This type of revolution has been green throughout the ages, where leaders live a Porsche lifestyle and drive Porsche cars while the hustles struggle to put food on their tables. Is this the hustle nation mentality that we had during the campaign period? The words of politicians are not wedded with the thoughts of their mind and feeling of their heart towards the common mwananchi. Kenya is becoming a magnet of innovation and investment opportunities to all persons, nevertheless we are not short of buffoons. Let me not be pharisaic about it, that said, think of the drums beating during the day and silence in the night when every man in uniform hears violence and demonstrations in the air. This is a time without mercy, police officers slaying demonstrators and injuring journalists in the name of upholding law, peace and order. The demonstrators have also shown their claws by firing stones to the police and even going further to looting properties of private citizens. The country is on fire and the leaders have vowed not to quench it, but instead play the blame games.

The past informs us of everything, it is the wounds that will not heal and that knowledge gives us ways to survive the destruction. This isn’t anything new but the evidence truth that must be repeated because we have the tendency to forget. Let’s not delude ourselves to the fact that either side has a pure intention towards each other. We the citizens have the power to decide what’s best for us. Both Azimio and the current government, I presume have a valiant goal but the question remains, are they willing to sacrifice that which is most to them all? The other questions that Kenyans have to ask themselves are;

1) Is our politics right?

2) Do we have the capacity or potential to feed ourselves or should we continue relaying on foreign aid?

3) What measure can be taken to reduce the high cost of living?

4) Can we take care of our affairs before foreign countries come and take care of them for us?

5) Can we participate on the world affairs on an equal footing with others?

Time has changed my perspective and that fear is a powerful ally. This tactic is used by both side, however AZIMIO are moving their masses in a kamikaze way. Destroying public resources and deaths raising up north after ever demonstrations. We are destroying our own country, a country that will take years to rebuild. Some citizens have lost trust in the current government captained by DR. WILLIAM RUTO and some still have hope that all will be well no matter the weight of the storm. It is said that trust is a tricky needle to thread for both parties and on the other hand it is the other side of secrecy. It’s time both sides settle their differences in a more amicable manner for the sake of our country.

The government has lot on their plate and that demonstration will slow down development in our country. We must find ways and view humankind as one species, not as a collection of tribes. Our survival depend upon this, on the contrary Kenya is a tribal nation where leaders are elected based on which tribe is more superior to the other. The age of competition has to end so as to pave way for the new age of cooperation. If we don’t find a way to cooperate to extend that empathy to all humankind, then we will the axe that chops our own roots. We will be the arbiters of our own extinction.

Since I was a child, I was told that hope is dangerous, it could cloud one’s judgment but I know hope is the wind that comes from nowhere to fill our sail and carry us home. There is hope for new Kenya. My brothers and sisters, I write to you all, this is our home and we have to unite for a better tomorrow. May hope light our ways and May GOD bless Kenya.


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