Personal growth & development is a journey.

A journey starts with the destination in mind.

The destination in this case is a solstice.

The death of a bad habit & birth of a useful skill.

The end of your old self and the beginning of a new.

Beginnings are such delicate times

A birth, a rebirth, a resurrection, a change.

Care must be taken that the balances are correct.

How do you achieve balance on a spinning globe?

In a world with darkness and dangerous waters.

Before you, standing blindfolded is Lady Justice

With a sword in one hand and weighing scales in the other.

You must tip the scales to achieve equilibrium.

Will you stand the test?

One unnamed morning before a Julius Caesar reincarnate & some Romans renamed the calendar,

The internet was outlawed.

Why? The internet no longer stood the test.

Like all tests it was a play between questions and answers.

Questions probe, Answers develop

To find correct balance, your answers must stand the test.

The average student detests tests.

Such woeful conditioning.

A welcome to members of the spotlight society,

I invite you to explore the efficacy of questions & your ability to answer them.

The induction to your journey of personal growth and development starts with a single question.

Do you know what that question is?

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