Research & Competitions

The following guidelines shall apply to all our Essay and research competitions


The research competition offers undergraduate and graduate students a unique forum to showcase their research, exchange ideas and improve their communication skills while competing for prizes.

The goal is to enable students to share research, gain insights, develop solutions, enhance communication skills, and receive recognition for outstanding work.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

  1. Participants must be current students.
  2. Research must be at least 4 pages long, including author’s name and university course.
  3. Submissions via email in PDF format to
  4. Graduate students submit solo, undergraduates can submit as teams with multiple authors.
  5. Accepted works published in the online library, with top research awarded at least ksh.1000.
  6. Featured works may appear in spotlight magazine and students might participate in media discussions.
  7. New research topics provided every two weeks, with deadlines for submissions accordingly.
  8. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  9. Winners and awards communicated through email and WhatsApp groups.
  10. Outstanding authors recognized during spotlight Kenya event conferences.

Selection process

A jury of experts reviews the student research competition submissions. Evaluation criteria include:-

Quality of work
Novelty of approach
Clarity of written presentation
Significance of the contribution to the research field